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“Bermuda, let’s get ourselves into the 21st century,” Sir John Swan said when asked about same sex marriage, adding that “we’ve got big issues to deal with, and we should not be marginalizing people.”

Sir John Swan, who served as Premier from 1982 to 1995, recently sat down with Bernews for a live interview on a wide range of topics, with same sex marriage and the referendum among the topics discussed.

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“I was always in favour of same sex marriage,” Sir John told Bernews when asked about his views on same sex marriage.

“We are the children of God. If you believe in God, you believe that we are all his children. If you believe we are all his children, you should believe the fact that when one is different, whether they’ve got polio or they’ve got something, they’re entitled to get as much care and as much attention as anybody else.

“What people are trying to do, is they’re trying to separate homosexuality from anything else in nature. And you can’t. The laws of nature are the laws of nature. The laws of creativity are the laws of creativity.

“And there is a parallel relationship between the two, and therefore to make a distinction of saying a homosexual person is a non-person in a normal sense, is a nonsense.

“We have a law in our books called the Human Rights Act. And the Human Rights Act makes it very clear, we are bumping up against the Human Rights Act in Bermuda, we’re bumping up against the Human Rights Act in Europe, and everywhere else.

“And yet at the same time, we’re saying, we want these people to come to Bermuda. But we want them to be what we consider normal, as opposed to what they are, being just naturally normal.

“I think we are barking up the wrong tree. The churches have ideological ideas that somehow or the other, a person is not a real person unless they are a certain way. I think, on this matter, the churches are wrong.

“I think Bermuda’s being looked upon as being really out of step. Particularly since we are such a big international center, we do have a very high standard of living.

“But my suspicion is, slowly as technology and information reaches the world, and the growth that we would like to have, because we don’t have that, will slowly be diminished.

“There’s only so much to go around. As we know, 90% of the world’s wealth now is controlled by less than 1% of the world’s population. Which means the fact that these key people in the world that are making decisions about the world.

“These big conglomerates are being run by…and most of those have made it very clear that they have no issues with homosexuality.

“So what’s going to happen is, slowly and in a subtle way, we’ll be diminished by taking a position that is contrary to human rights and human natural laws of nature. Because a few people say that somehow or the other, nature got it wrong. What a contradiction!

Video excerpt from the live interview showing Sir John discussing same sex marriage:

“I’ve taken a position that very simply says that Bermuda let’s get ourselves into the 21st century. We’ve got big issues to deal with, and we should not be marginalizing people as a result of a ideological bend.

“The reality is, we’re out of step with what’s going on other places,” Sir John added.

The video above was extracted from the full interview, in which Sir John discussed a wide range of topics including the current political scene, the waterfront, America‚Äôs Cup, race relations, and more. We previously posted an excerpt of Sir John’s comments on the airport redevelopment, will post an additional excerpt tomorrow, and to watch the 1-hour live interview replay in full, please click here.

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