2012 Election Candidates

There are 87 candidates in total, with both the PLP and OBA fielding a full slate of 36 candidates in the 2012 General Election, while 15 Independent candidates have also thrown their hat in the ring.

The slideshow belows shows many of the candidates in the upcoming election divided by constituency. Clicking on the photo itself will take you a separate page with information about each constituency and the candidates.

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Voters will be electing 36 Members of Parliament, and 19 seats are needed for the party to win. The PLP presently holds 24 seats, the OBA 10 seats, while former UBP MPs and now Independents Kim Swan and Charles Swan hold the remaining two.

The full list of candidates [and incumbents] is below, with links to individual pages

C#36: Sandys North
OBA Ray Charlton
PLP Michael Scott
Incumbent: PLP Michael Scott won 62.2% of the vote vs UBP Ed Bailey [486-292] in 2007

C#35: Sandys North Central 
OBA Nadia Hamza
PLP Dennis Lister
Incumbent: PLP Dennis Lister won 66.43% of the vote vs UBP Donald Hassell [556-281] in 2007

C#34: Sandys South Central
OBA Ed Bailey
PLP Kim Wilson
Incumbent: PLP Walter Lister won 69.26% of the vote vs UBP Sarah Burrows [649-284] votes in 2007

C#33: Sandys South
OBA Toni Spring
PLP Terry Lister
Incumbent: PLP Terry Lister won 60.96% of the vote vs UBP Alvin Wilson [556-346] in 2007

C#32: Southampton West
OBA Rodney Smith
PLP Randy Horton
Incumbent: PLP Randy Horton won 69.03% of the vote vs UBP Charlie Swan [629–366] in 2007

C#31: Southampton West Central
OBA Shawn Crockwell
PLP Scott Simmons
Independent Charlie Swan
Incumbent: UBP Charlie Swan who won a by-election against PLP Marc Bean in 2008

C#30: Southampton East Central 
OBA Leah Scott
PLP Stephen Todd
Incumbent: PLP Zane Desilva won 52.2% of the vote vs  UBP incumbent David Dodwell [569-521] in 2007.

C#29: Southampton East 
OBA Jon Brunson
PLP Zane DeSilva
Incumbent: PLP Stanley Lowe won 67.97% of the vote vs UBP Douglas Decouto  [558–263] in 2007

C#28: Warwick West 
PLP Jonathan Smith
OBA Jeff Sousa
Incumbent: OBA Mark Pettingill [under the UBP] won 62.07% of the votes vs PLP George Scott in 2007

C#27: Warwick North Central
OBA R. Wayne Scott
PLP Lt. Col David Burch
Independent Roderick Simons
Incumbent: PLP Elvin James won 56.14% of the vote vs  UBP R. Wayne Scott [535-418] in 2007

C#26: Warwick South Central
OBA Ras Mykkal
PLP Marc Bean
Incumbent: PLP Marc Bean won 2010 by-election with 67% of the vote in a three way race

C#25: Warwick North East
OBA Mark Pettingill
PLP Dale Butler
Incumbent: PLP Dale Butler won 53.5% of the vote vs UBP Gina Spence [494-426] in 2007

C#24: Warwick South East 
OBA Alexis Swan
PLP Lawrence Scott
Independent David William Burch
Incumbent: PLP Alex Scott won 58% of the vote vs UBP Jeff Sousa [518-367] in 2007

C#23: Paget West 
OBA Pat Gordon-Pamplin
PLP Darius Tucker
Incumbent: OBA Patricia Gordon-Pamplin [under the UBP] won 75.85% of the vote vs Rolfe Commissiong [732-233] in 2007.

C#22: Paget East
OBA Dr Grant Gibbons
PLP Dawn Simmons
Incumbent: OBA Dr Grant Gibbons [under the UBP] won 77% of the vote vs PLP Davida Morris [723-212] in 2007

C#21: Pembroke South East
OBA Jeff Baron
PLP Rolfe Commissiong
Independent Tillman Darrell
Independent Leyoni Junos
Incumbent: PLP Ashfield Devent won 67.61% of the vote vs UBP Tillman Darrell [526-252] in 2007.

C#20: Pembroke South West
OBA Susan Jackson
PLP Marcus Jones
Independent Jonathan Starling
Independent David Petty
Incumbent: OBA Louise Jackson [under the UBP] won 83% of the vote vs PLP Laverne Furbert [711-145] in 2007

C#19: Pembroke West 
PLP A.L Vince Ingham
OBA Jeanne Atherden
Independent Erwin Adderley
Independent Meredith Stapff
Incumbent: OBA Shawn Crockwell [under UBP] won 58% of the vote vs PLP Walton Brown [505-361] in 2007

C#18: Pembroke West Central
PLP David Burt
OBA Nicholas Kempe
Independent Philip Perinchief
Incumbent: PLP Neletha Butterfield won 69.62% of the vote vs UBP Mariyln Steede [25.15%] & IND Roger Russell [5.22%]

C#17: Pembroke Central
PLP Walton Brown
OBA Andrew Simons
Incumbent: PLP Wayne Perenchief won 56.5% of the vote vs UBP Austin Warner [39.64%] & IND Harold Darrell [3.09%] in 2007

C#16: Pembroke East Central
OBA Terry Hodgson
PLP Michael Weeks
Incumbent: PLP Michael Weeks won a 2009 by-election with 89% of the vote

C#15: Pembroke East
OBA Scott Stewart
PLP Walter Roban
Incumbent: PLP Walter Roban won 81.63% of the vote over UBP Sean Pitcher [631-142] in 2007

C#14: Devonshire North West
OBA Glen Smith
PLP Paula Cox
Incumbent: PLP Paula Cox won 69.59% of the vote vs UBP Alan Marshall [492-215] in 2007

C#13: Devonshire North Central
OBA C. Anthony Francis
PLP Glenn Blakeney
Incumbent: PLP Glenn Blakeney won 53.52% of the vote vs UBP Albertha Waite [433-376] in 2007

C#12: Devonshire South Central
OBA Craig Cannonier
PLP Anthony Richardson
Incumbent: OBA Craig Cannonier won a 2011 by-election with 82.89% of the vote

C#11: Devonshire East
OBA Bob Richards
PLP Neville Tyrell
Incumbent: OBA Bob Richards won [under the UBP] with 51.74% of the vote vs PLP Neville Tyrell [402-375] in 2007

C#10: Smith’s North
OBA Michael Dunkley
PLP Patrice Minors
Incumbent: PLP Patrice Minors won 54.53% of the vote vs UBP Michael Dunkley [536-444] in 2007.

C#9: Smith’s West 
OBA Trevor Moniz
PLP Vance Campbell
Incumbent: OBA Trevor Moniz [under the UBP] won 58.50% of the vote vs PLP Larry Mussenden [506-357] in 2007

C#8: Smith’s South
OBA Cole Simons
PLP Wayne Perinchief
Independent David Tavares
Incumbent: OBA Cole Simons [under the UBP] won 73.47% of the vote vs the PLP Jane Correia [673-243] in 2007

C#7: Hamilton South
PLP Diallo Rabain
OBA Sylvan Richards
Independent Gershwyn Smith
Incumbent: PLP Darius Tucker [under the UBP] won 56.57% of the vote vs PLP Wayne Caines [547–420] in 2007

C#6: Hamilton West
OBA Donte Hunt
PLP Wayne Furbert
Incumbent: PLP Wayne Furbert [under the UBP] won 54% of the vote vs PLP Charles Clarke [530-451] in 2007.

C#5: Hamilton East
OBA Peter Barrett
PLP Derrick Burgess
Incumbent: PLP Derrick Burgess won 80.28% of the vote vs UBP David Sullivan [737-181] in 2007

C#4: St. George’s South
OBA Suzann Roberts-Holshouser
PLP Pastor Leroy Bean
Independent Kingsley Francis
Incumbent: OBA Donte Hunt [under the UBP] won 51.18% of the vote vs PLP Phil Perinchief [544-519] in 2007

C#3: St David’s
OBA Gaylynne Cannonier
PLP Lovitta Foggo
Incumbent: PLP Lovitta Foggo won 54.27% of the vote vs UBP Suzann Roberts Holshouser in 2007

C#2: St. George’s West 
OBA Nandi Davis
PLP Renee Ming
Independent Kim Swan
Incumbent: UBP Kim Swan won 50.95% of the vote vs PLP’s Dean Foggo [457-440] in 2007

C#1: St. George’s North
OBA Kenneth Bascome
PLP Dame Jennifer Smith
Independent Cornell Fubler
Incumbent: PLP Dame Jennifer Smith won 51.35% of the vote vs UBP Kenneth Bascome [474-449] in 2007