Independent Candidates

The 2012 Election will see an unprecedented number of Independent candidates running, with fifteen registered in total.

By comparison two Independents ran in the 2007 election, one Independent contested the 2003 election, three Independents ran in the 1998 election, and five Independents ran in the 1993 election.

The last time an Independent won a seat was 23 years ago, when Stuart Hayward won the Pembroke West Central seat in 1989.

The Independents running in the 2012 Election are:

  • C#1 St. George’s North: Cornell Fubler
  • C#2 St. George’s West: Kim Swan
  • C#4 St. George’s South: Kingsley Francis
  • C#7 Hamilton South: Gershwyn Smith
  • C#8 Smith’s South: David Tavares
  • C#18 Pembroke West Central: Philip Perinchief
  • C#19 Pembroke West: Erwin Adderley
  • C#19 Pembroke West: Meredith Stapff
  • C#20 Pembroke South West: Jonathan Starling
  • C#20 Pembroke South West: David Petty
  • C#21 Pembroke South East: Tillman Darrell
  • C#21 Pembroke South East: Leyoni Junos
  • C#24 Warwick South East: David William Burch
  • C#27 Warwick North Central: Roderick Simons
  • C#31 Southampton West Central: Charlie Swan