2003 Election

The election was held on 24th July 2003, and saw the PLP win 22 seats to the UBP’s 14 seats. There were 39,324 people eligible to vote, and approximately [29,472] 75% turned out.

The PLP won 15,222 votes [51.6%], the UBP won 14,142 votes [48%], the NLP won 41 votes [0.1%], an Independent won 51 votes [0.2%], and the Gombey Liberation Party won 16 votes [0.1%].

Prior to this election there were 40 MPs elected representing 20 dual-seat constituencies, which was changed to 36 single seat constituencies.

C#36: Sandys North
Eugene Cox [PLP] won with 64.15% of the vote against Gerald Fubler [UBP] who received 35.85%

C#35: Sandys North Central
Dennis Lister [PLP] won with 67% of the vote against Anthony Steede [UBP] who received 33%

C#34: Sandys South Central
Walter Lister [PLP] won with 66.59% of the vote against Ed Bailey [UBP] who received 28.72%

C#33: Sandys South
Terry Lister [PLP] won with 62% of the vote against Ted Gauntlett [UBP] who received 38%

C#32: Southampton West
Randy Horton [PLP] won with 63.08% of the vote against Al Wharton [UBP] who received 36.92%

C#31: Southampton West Central
Jon Brunson [UBP] won with 57.47% of the vote against Michael Scott [PLP] who received 42.53%

C#30: Southampton East Central
David Dodwell [UBP] won with 51.10% of the vote against Raymond Tannock [PLP] who received 48.90%

C#29: Southampton East
Stanley Lowe [PLP] won with 71.82% of the vote against Cal Simons [UBP] who received 28.18%

C#28: Warwick West
Neville Darrell [UBP] won with 59.86% of the vote against Chris Furbert [PLP] who received 40.14%

C#27: Warwick North Central
George Scott [PLP] won with 58.13% of the vote against Yvette Swan [UBP] who received 41.87%

C#26: Warwick South Central
Dr Ewart Brown [PLP] won with 65.99% of the vote against Gwyneth Rawlins [UBP] who received 34.01%

C#25: Warwick North East
Dale Butler [PLP] won with 52.27% of the vote against Mark Pettingill [UBP] who received 47.73%

C#24: Warwick South East
Alex Scott [PLP] won with 55.80% of the vote against Bob Richards [UBP] who received 44.20%

C#23: Paget West
Patricia Gordon Pamplin [UBP] won with 75% of the vote against Leopold Kuchler [PLP] who received 25%

C#22: Paget East
Dr Grant Gibbons [UBP] won with 80.63% of the vote against Delaey Robinson [PLP] who received 19.37%

C#21: Pembroke South East
Ashfield DeVent [PLP] won with 70.82% of the vote against Rocky Fox [UBP] who received 29.18%

C#20: Pembroke South West
Louise Jackson [UBP] won with 81.83% of the vote against Neville Darrell who received 18.17%

C#19: Pembroke West
Jamahl Simmons [UBP] won with 64.23% of the vote against Calvin Smith [PLP] who received 35.77%

C#18: Pembroke West Central
Neletha Butterfield [PLP] won with 63.75% of the vote against Erwin Adderley [UBP] who received 29.88% and Stuart Hayward [Independent] who received 6.38%

C#17: Pembroke Central
Wayne Perinchief [PLP] won with 55.09% of the vote against Leonard Santucci [UBP] who received 44.91%

C#16: Pembroke East Central
Nelson Bascome [PLP] won with 91.34% of the vote against Scott Hunter [UBP] who received 8.66%

C#15: Pembroke East
Ottiwell Simmons [PLP] won with 82.95% of the vote against Walter Cross [UBP] who received 17.05%

C#14: Devonshire North West
Paula Cox [PLP] won with 74.27% of the vote against Christian Dunleavy [UBP] who received 25.73%

C#13: Devonshire North Central
Glenn Blakeney [PLP] won with 57.22% of the vote against Hilary Soares [UBP] who received 42.78%

C#12: Devonshire South Central
John Barritt [UBP] won with 90% of the vote against Aurelia Burch [PLP] who received 10%

C#11: Devonshire East
Michael Dunkley [UBP] won with 63.68% of the vote against Neville Tyrell [PLP] who received 36.32%

C#10: Smith’s North
Patrice Parris [PLP] won with 57.33% of the vote against Alan Marshall [UBP] who received 42.67%

C#9: Smith’s West
Trevor Moniz [UBP] won with 56.39% of the vote against Scott Simmons [PLP] who received 43.61%

C#8: Smith’s South
Cole Simons [UBP] won with 73.84% of the vote against Elizabeth Christopher [PLP] who received 26.16%

C#7: Hamilton South
Maxwell Burgess [UBP] won with 56.02% of the vote against Lt/Col David Burch [PLP] who received 43.98%

C#6: Hamilton West
Wayne Furbert [UBP] won with 53.23% of the vote against Wilbur Lowe [PLP] who received 46.77%

C#5: Hamilton East
Derrick Burgess [PLP] won with 72.94% of the vote against Keetha Lowe [UBP] who received 27.06%

C#4: St. George’s South
Renee Webb [PLP] won with 50.45% of the vote against Tim Smith [UBP] who received 49.55%

C#3: St David’s
Suzann Roberts Holshouser [UBP] won with 50.96% of the vote against Danvers Seymour [PLP] who received 49.04%

C#2: St. George’s West
Dean Foggo [PLP] won with 51.27% of the vote against Kim Swan [UBP] who received 48.73%

C#1: St. George’s North
Dame Jennifer Smith [PLP] won with 49.53% of the vote against Kenneth Bascome [UBP] who received 48.59% and Gavin Smith [GLP] who received 1.87%